Travel responsibly — Volunteering in Chitwan

Meghauli, Nepal

Meghauli is a charming village located at the entry point of the Chitwan National Park (CNP). Taking a bus from Bharatpur you will arrive in less than one hour. What I found inspiring from the first moment is the laidback atmosphere and the local touch that, despite all the region’s tourism, still dominates.

My first stop was the Eco-Park of Meghauli, which offers a volunteer stay with a local family. Besides the big garden, there are many activities that can be done during the day — definitely a recommendable project. After a few days, I got to know Bishnu, a guide that also works as a host in Chital Lodge.

Chital Lodge birdseye perspective

Bishnu has spent most of his life in the region and learned how-to guide from an early age. His father used to be his mentor and was recognized as an experienced guide. There is still a guestbook from back in the days where you can find input from back to 1986. True nostalgia!

One-horn-rhinos are one of the attractions of the CNP

Before we entered the CNP we came to a small store to buy some snacks. When I rejected the plastic bag, we came to talk about pollution and waste. Bishnu told me that he has been collecting trash on several occasions, but nonetheless, there is still a lack of awareness. Especially local people continue to leave their trash in the beautiful area.

The consequences are immense. The Park hosts many diverse animals, and the waste causes severe damage to the animals. Mostly the river banks are filled with trash that got washed up by the floods. Generally, you see many plastic bottles and liquors, packages, and shoes. Animals tend to mix up waste with food and therefore suffer.

Dears surrounded by waste

Thus, Bishnu tries to raise awareness of demanded social change. Unfortunately, many Nepali are still unaware of climate change. Although the Park is clean on the main track, you will find many sidetracks covered up by trash. Bishnu offers a volunteering program that aims to reduce waste and create awareness by collecting trash and spreading the word. The effort is simple, the outcome is decisive. People become curious and ask about the big trash bags. The joy of educating people and engaging for good is priceless.

Apart from cleaning the CNP there are the following activities:

  • teaching classes in a local school (most likely English)
  • gardening and farming
  • crafting artisanal
  • cooking Nepali food
  • walking Safari
  • Meditation and Yoga

As you can see, the program is diverse. As a volunteer, you will be offered a private room with an attached bathroom and several meals daily. In return, to cover the costs, there is a charge of $ 5–10 per day. I personally do very much recommend this experience. Bishnu is a lovely host, and the whole region is absolutely beautiful and pretty chilled in comparison to city life. You can get in touch with the Tharu culture and experience unique sunsets at Golaghat, where two rivers cross.

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